2022 Low-Cost Vaccination Clinics in the DC Area

As a D.C. area cat sitter, people sometimes ask me where they can access low-cost vaccinations for their cats or dogs.  The Humane Rescue Alliance has the most low-cost and frequent clinics.  DC’s free clinic which is held annually in each ward won’t be happening until later this fall. HUMANE RESCUE ALLIANCE Medical Clinic 71… Read more »

Celebrate Betty White’s 100th Birthday and Help Pets!

January 17th, 2022 would have been Betty White’s 100th Birthday.  She was such a champion of animals.  As one final celebration of her life, please take a few moments today to donate $5, or more, in her honor to your favorite animal rescue or shelter.   Not sure where to donate? What about the Pet Pantry… Read more »

Cat Video Fest 2020

Everyone loves a good cat video! Get your tickets now for Cat Video Fest 2020! Support Alley Cat Allies and enjoy 80 minutes of curated cat videos on the Big Screen! Tickets are from $8 – $13. Buy in advance, if possible, since it can be a sellout crowd. Showtimes are 1:30 on February 22nd… Read more »


Organized By: DC’s Department of Health, Animal Division   The morning clinics are usually 8:30am -1:00pm The afternoon clinics are from 1:00pm-4:00pm First come first served. There is a small tent for the cats. Please bring vaccination certificates/papers if you have them. Date of Event: April 27th Ward 1- Kalorama Park, 1865 Kalorama Rd. NW… Read more »

Help Provide Health Care to NC Pets Who are Living in Tent Cities with Their Pet Parents!

A pet sitting colleague, Shannon Morrow, in NC shared the serious circumstances facing pet parents and their pets in North Carolina. It is definitely challenging but they are staying strong and trying to rebuild their lives. She turned me on to Paws and Claws Aid which is a nonprofit group associated with the Paws and Claws… Read more »

Making Sure Your Cat Stays Safe as You Celebrate Chanukkah!

This evening begins Chanukkah which will end on December 20th.  As a Washington, DC pet sitter, I would like to encourage you to do a quick review so your pets have an enjoyable time during the festival of lights. CHOCOLATE, LATKES, & DONUTS, OH MY! Make sure the foods are placed where curious four footers… Read more »

How to Eat a Great Pie, Care for Animals, Help People & Get a Tax Deduction!

Yummmmmy, it is pie time. As a DC pet sitter, this is one of my favorite fundraising campaigns. Family and Friends bake your pies for Thanksgiving, you pick them up at a convenient location throughout the area, your guests or family loves them. In the meantime, other cool things happen: 1. If you choose one… Read more »

A Cat Accident Waiting To Happen That YOU Can Easily Prevent

One of the six most preventable cat accidents is a feline injured when hiding in the washer or dryer. I noticed a rash of incidents on Facebook this summer where a kitty was injured when the machine was started while they were inside.  It is our worst nightmare! After a friend had a near miss… Read more »