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Organized By: DC’s Department of Health, Animal Division
The morning clinics are usually 8:30am -1:00pm The afternoon clinics are from 1:00pm-4:00pm
  • First come first served.
  • There is a small tent for the cats.
  • Please bring vaccination certificates/papers if you have them.

Date of Event: April 27th

Ward 1- Kalorama Park, 1865 Kalorama Rd. NW
Ward 2- Garrison Elementary, 1200 S St. SW

Date of Event: May 4th

Ward 3- Newark St. Dog Park, 39th & Newark St. NW
Ward 4- Upshur Dog Park,4300 Arkansas Ave. NW

Date of Event: May 18th

Ward 5- Charles Young School, 26th & H St. NE
Ward 6- King Greenleaf Rec. Center, 201 N SW

Date of Event: June 1st

Ward 7- Kenilworth Elementary School, 1300 44th St., NE
Ward 8- Anacostia Rec. Center, 1800 Anacostia Dr. SE

How to Eat a Great Pie, Care for Animals, Help People & Get a Tax Deduction!

Yummmmmy, it is pie time. As a DC pet sitter, this is one of my favorite fundraising campaigns. Family and Friends bake your pies for Thanksgiving, you pick them up at a convenient location throughout the area, your guests or family loves them. In the meantime, other cool things happen: 1. If you choose one… Continue Reading

Stylish DC Cats Who Go Outdoors Need to Wear This Vibrant Collar Cover.

Stylish DC Cats Who Go Outdoors Need to Wear This Vibrant Collar Cover.

As a DC catsitter, there is nothing more distressing than Kitty bringing me a beautiful songbird as a gift. In fact, on our local neighborhood Discussion Board, a neighbor made an announcement that he was picking up any cat entering his yard to protect the songbirds and taking it to the Humane Society. I suggest… Continue Reading