Category: Winter Pet Safety

A Cat Accident Waiting To Happen That YOU Can Easily Prevent

One of the six most preventable cat accidents is a feline injured when hiding in the washer or dryer. I noticed a rash of incidents on Facebook this summer where a kitty was injured when the machine was started while they were inside.  It is our worst nightmare! After a friend had a near miss… Read more »

Jazz Up Your Pet’s Day – Use a Snuffle Mat!

Long walks or heading to the dog park were not high on everyone’s list for fun things to do with their dog this last weekend as frigid temperatures visited the Washington, DC area. Cabin fever was setting in for dogs as pet parents and pet sitters had to reduce the time spent outside due to… Read more »


Well, you reveled in that extra hour of sleep, but you are now coming to terms with the reality of it becoming darker earlier.  Last night, it may have been a bit of a shock when you went out to walk Spike at 5 or 6 p.m. Evening walking and early morning winter walking safety… Read more »