3 Cats

What kind of pets do you care for?

Cats, small mammals or pocket pets, birds, and limited dogs in an overnight setting.

Are you bonded and insured?

Priority Pet Services is fully bonded and insured through Pet Sitter Associates LLC. We are a proud member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) and Pet Sitters International (PSI). As a member of NAPPS and PSI, we are required to abide by the highest standards. What it means to you, and all of our clients, is peace of mind. We take responsibility for your pets and possessions when you put them in our care. This means that your property and your pets are fully covered should anything occur while in our care. Having these policies in place shows a level of professionalism and commitment that you can trust.

Do you have references?

Our satisfied customers are happy to speak with you about their experience with us. Please contact us for a list of references in your area.

What policies or guidelines are in place to reduce COVID-19 contamination?

Our current COVID-19 Guidelines and Policies are available on this website or we can email you a copy. You can request a copy by emailing info@prioritypetservices.com.

What should I expect during our initial consultation? What should I have ready?

These visits usually last between a half-hour and an hour. We will come into your home and visit with you and your pet to ensure that Priority Pet Services is a good match for your pet. Things you need to have handy for this visit are a completed set of forms provided to you prior to the visit, up-to-date vaccination papers (if possible), a list of medications the pet needs and when they need them, contact information for the pet’s veterinarian and one copy of your house key.

I have more than one pet. Will that affect the cost?

There will be an additional charge for more than two pets. Our fee structure is available under the services section.

How long does each visit last?

A normal visit lasts 30 minutes, but can be extended for an additional charge. Please contact us for more information.

What does each visit consist of?

The tasks completed at each visit will be determined during your initial consultation. A typical visit consists of:

  • For Your Pet – fresh food and water, a bathroom break, playtime, and a huge dose of attention and love.
  • For Your Home – mail and package retrieval, rotating of lights, watering household plants, and taking out the trash.

Will I receive any updates about my pet during visits?

We will be sending an e-mail or text message to update you on your pet’s activities.

What happens if my plans change (delayed flight, extra hours at the office, family emergency), and I cannot make it home on time?

Our primary concern is always the health and well-being of your cat. If, for some reason, your plans change, email, call, or text, and we will make sure your cat continues to receive care.

What happens during inclement weather?

In order to ensure the safety of our staff and of the community, we initiate our Inclement Weather Plan when localities close schools due to potentially dangerous weather conditions. When initiated, we announce our Inclement Weather Plan for that day and specific weather concern on our Facebook page and via email. During inclement weather situations, our pet sitting service schedules may be altered. We ask that all clients provide us with an inclement weather emergency contact that can care for your pets in the event that we cannot access your home. Your emergency contact should be able to walk to your home and have working keys for entry. All visits that are canceled as a result of inclement weather are credited to your account for use toward future services. Credits must be used within six months of the cancelation date. We also ask that you consider your pet sitter’s safety by clearing steps and walkways of ice and snow and by designating a neighbor to do so when you are traveling. Please also note that staff is empowered to shorten exercise time during heavy rainfall and lightning and/or thunderstorms. In such cases, exercise time will be replaced with indoor playtime and TLC.

What happens if there is an emergency?

Prior to your leaving, we want to obtain a signed authorization to visit a vet with your pet. The authorization will include a dollar amount that can get the vet started making your pet comfortable while we are attempting to contact you. We are also going to ask you for an alternate emergency contact who may be familiar with your pet.

If your pet begins to exhibit the need for care while you are away, we are going attempt contacting you, If the treatment can take place during regular hours, we will attempt to visit at that time to keep costs lower. We also make every effort to utilize your pet’s attending veterinarian.

If it is critical and time is of the essence, we will go to the nearest pet emergency facility.

During this entire process, we will be attempting to contact you via phone or e-mail.

What procedures are in place if I am no longer available to care for my cat?

Should something happen to you while you are away, your beloved pet, along with their care equipment, to the person listed on your Pet Guardianship Form.

Also, please complete the free Care Instruction Form for Your Pets document located at 2nd Chance 4 Pets website since over 500,000 pets are surrendered to shelters annually when someone either dies or moves into assisted living.   You can place this document with documents such as your will or advanced directive.

What if there is an emergency repair needed?  

Occasionally, an emergency repair is needed while you are away such as the air conditioner failing, the water heater beginning to leak, a pipe bursting on the floor above your nest, or the fridge conking out.  If this happens and you choose to have it repaired while you are away, we can meet the designated repair person at your home and provide access.  We can wait at your home as well as keep you informed of any activity.  There will be an extra charge for this service above the basic pet visit cost.

What is your cancellation policy?

During non-holiday and non-summer time periods, please note our cancellation policy is as follows: A full refund is given to the client 8 or more days’ notice for cancellation prior to the reservation. If the cancellation notice is provided 4-7 days prior to the visit, 50% of the total feel is refunded to the client. No refund will be be provided and the full reservation fee will be charged to the client, if the cancellation is provided 3 or fewer days prior to the scheduled visit.

During pet sitting over major national holidays and the summer period between June 1 and September 10 or pet sitting reservations that are longer than 20 days in length, the policy is as follows: A full refund will be provided if the cancellation is 15 or more days before the pet visit. If the cancellation occurs 7-14 days prior to the first visit, 50% of the total fee will be refunded to the client. Finally, no refund will be given to the client and a full reservation fee will be charged to the client if six or fewer days’ notice is provided for a cancellation.

When is payment due?

Payment is due at the first visit. Payment can be via cash, check, Zelle, or PayPal. You can find the PayPal link on this website. Contact us to obtain Zelle access.

Key pick-up/drop-off

Should we be required to pick-up or drop-off keys at your home, you will incur a $20 key pick-up or drop-off fee. There is a $30 charge for emergency or after-hours key delivery. The fee does not apply to the in-home consultation which is complimentary. A client picking up a key return involves no fee.

What are other cat-related errands provided?

We offer Key Service, Lock-Out Service, Emergency Vet Trips,  Supply Runs, and Concierge Services to our current clients.

Do you have a referral incentive program?

As part of our Priority Pet Services Referral Rewards Program, referring clients will receive a single visit credit on your account when the referred party books and completes their first service with us. Priority Pet Services Referral Reward credits expire six months from the date of the credit. There is no limit to how many credits you can get so spread the word!