How to Eat a Great Pie, Care for Animals, Help People & Get a Tax Deduction!

Yummmmmy, it is pie time. As a DC pet sitter, this is one of my favorite fundraising campaigns. Family and Friends bake your pies for Thanksgiving, you pick them up at a convenient location throughout the area, your guests or family loves them. In the meantime, other cool things happen:

1. If you choose one of four animal rescue shelters, they receive a credit for medical services provided by Friendship Animal Hospital. This really helps the rescue stretch their resources and provide important care to their charges! You can choose from A. Seller: CDR City Dogs Rescue. B. Seller: Ms. Lucky Dog Rescue, C. The Humane Rescue Alliance, or D. Capitol Canines Animal Rescue.

2. Your pie provides one day’s nutritious meals for a child or adult battling HIV/AIDS, cancer or another critical illness.

3. This year, 10% of the proceeds are going to Bill’s Kitchen in Puerto Rico to help them rebuild their services and facilities.

If you aren’t going to be here or can’t have pie, you still can participate by purchasing a pie to be put in a client’s Thanksgiving Basket.

Learn more by going to to be linked to the campaign.

Last year, this campaign raised $59,630 worth of medical services for the rescues. Let’s get busy and help again this year!


P.S. Please share this information and encourage your friends to get involved.