Meet my special friend Ozzie.  He is a five-year-old rescue who relocated, about a year ago, from North Carolina on one of the coldest days in January.  His traveling buddy Harry found a great place to stay with Abby the Dog while Capital Canines Animal Rescue worked on finding a forever home for Ozzie.  He was reunited with Harry while Capital Canines were looking for his home.  Then, he thought he had found a home, but his new Mom didn’t like his habit of serenading her each evening with the song of his people.  So, he came back to stay at Harry’s house.  Soon, the kitties were inseparable and Ozzie found his forever home with his Mom, Dad, Harry and Abby.  He loves to eat his kibble out of a treat ball, enjoys chasing the red dot, an occasional snuggle, and each night at nine… he serenades everyone.  As a Washington, DC cat sitter, it is always a pleasure to spend time with Ozzie.