By Kathleen Rodgers

May the luck of the Irish be with you this St. Patrick’s Day.  This Washington, DC cat sitter is asking you not to  leave your cat’s well-being to luck.

St. Patrick’s Day began as an Irish feast day in the 17th century, named after an Irish bishop who became the patron saint of Ireland. Nowadays the holiday is celebrated with parades, parties, basketball, corned beef, and beer, which is sometimes tinted green.

Alcohol of any kind is an absolute no-no for your pet, but in the midst of a noisy celebration it might be hard to make sure Fluffy doesn’t imbibe from a half-full glass left on a table. Even a small amount of alcohol can be very dangerous for a pet as small as a cat. Alcohol can be absorbed into the cat’s system in just 20-30 minutes after drinking, but it can also be absorbed through the cat’s skin.

Visible signs that your cat might have ingested alcohol might include vomiting, diarrhea, weaving, disorientation and difficulty breathing. If you notice Fluffy acting funny, please seek veterinary help immediately.

Corned beef and other party foods aren’t good for your cat’s digestion, so don’t share.

Please don’t dye Fluffy’s fur green; a simple green collar or bandana is sufficient to keep her from being pinched. If you wish to dress Fluffy up as a leprechaun, look for a comfortable costume without embellishments that could be a choking hazard.

If your party guests will include children, be sure they understand how to treat your pet with care and respect. Children and pets should never be allowed to interact without adult supervision. If Fluffy is shy around strangers, crowds or loud noises, it might be best to make her comfortable in a quiet room with her toys, bed and litterbox. This also might be a good option if your guests are allergic to or uncomfortable around cats.

Let’s toast to a safe holiday celebration!