Making Sure Your Cat Stays Safe as You Celebrate Chanukkah!

This evening begins Chanukkah which will end on December 20th.  As a Washington, DC pet sitter, I would like to encourage you to do a quick review so your pets have an enjoyable time during the festival of lights.


Make sure the foods are placed where curious four footers can’t get to them.

New and interesting foods will be out for a curious dog or cat such as chocolate, jellied donuts, latkes, and other goodies.  They are high in calories and also rough on tummies which can lead to a miserable few days.  The onions are also very toxic and can lead to Heinz Body Anemia. Watch out for those chocolate coins which can be toxic and the gold foil they are wrapped in needs to be picked-up and out of the mouths of your pet.


They can catch the attention of your pet and can be ingested.  Keep them picked-up when not in play!


Either use battery operated candles or keep your pets away from the live candles over this eight-day celebration.  Also, make sure they are burning in a safe place since the lovely tradition also can be a fire hazard for both pets and people.

By taking a few minutes to do a quick safety check, it will be a more enjoyable time for all of the members of your family!

Best wishes for a lovely holiday season!