Overnight Pet Sitting


Teddy relaxes with his DC pet sitter while his parents are away for the weekend.

Your pet sitter moves-in with your pet while you are away when you secure overnight pet sitting services care. This in-home pet care has many benefits including a great deal of peace of mind while you are traveling for business, pleasure or a family emergency.


  • Your pet is relaxing in the comfort of their home and not stressed by a new location
  • You won’t have to arrange for drop-off/pick-up services for boarding or take precious time to transport your furry loved one to another location.
  • Overnight pet care contributes to the safety and security of your home when your pet sitter is in the home each evening and periodically during the day.
  • The peace of mind of knowing there is someone available to notify you and take care of an emergency problem such as a leaking pipe or refrigerator malfunction


  • Fresh food and water daily
  • Medications as needed
  • Play, exercise, and attention
  • Litter or yard waste clean-up
  • Plants watered
  • Mail, newspapers, and packages gathered and placed in a secure location
  • Trash and recycling set out and bins returned


Contact us to check for availability. Please provide the proposed care dates, your location, your contact information, and the breed, age and health of your pet(s).
If we are available, we will send you an overnight visit profile for you to complete.

We will schedule a time to visit with your pet(s) and you to learn more about your home and habits. Working copies of the keys will need to be provided at this visit.