By Kathleen Rodgers

Your cat is your beloved companion. You dread the day she’ll no longer be around, but what would happen to your cat if she outlives you?
We all hate to address the subject of our own death or becoming ill or incapacitated, and even those cat-owners who do plan for the future often overlook what will become of their pet. The last thing we want is for our beloved cat to end up in a shelter. Here are some simple precautions.
Line up at least two friends, neighbors or relatives to be temporary caregivers in case something unexpected happens to you. Provide them with the key to your home and written instructions on caring for your cat. Include your veterinarian’s information, feeding and care directions, and the name of the person you have designated as permanent caregiver. This person will care for your cat until your permanent caregiver can take possession of your pet. The second person will be your back-up temporary caregiver if the first is unable to care for your cat.
Choose a responsible person to be your cat’s permanent caregiver. Consider your pet’s temperament as well as the potential caregiver’s situation. Choose alternate caregivers in case your first choice becomes unable to fulfill this important charge. Keep in touch with them so you’ll know if their situations change.

The best way to provide for a permanent home is to make formal arrangements. Talk to your attorney about drawing up a will or trust that will comply with the laws of your state. These legal documents will usually take some time to take effect after your death, and a will won’t apply if you are seriously ill or incapacitated, so setting up a temporary caregiving plan is extremely important and is often overlooked when cat owners plan their estate.
A wonderful resource for creating a plan is 2ndchance4pets which is located at  They have a simple 8-page document to help you work through the details and decisions.
Be sure to choose potential caregivers that you trust completely to look after the best interests of your cat.
Today is a great day to begin to prepare for your cat’s future.