Slice of Life



  • This year marked the fourth year Friendship Hospital for Animals has teamed up with local rescue organizations,  Humane Rescue Alliance formerly known as Washington Humane Society – Washington Animal Rescue League, City Dogs Rescue, Capital Canine Animal Rescue and Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. By participating in Slice of Life, these rescue groups have the chance to raise thousands of dollars towards their veterinary bills.
  • You have the choice of either purchasing a pie to serve at a festivity or donating a delectable treat to be included with the Thanksgiving meal sent to a Food and Friends’ client.
  • In addition to helping animals receive the care they need for successful adoptions, each pie you purchase will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for a child or adult battling HIV/AIDS, cancer or another critical illness.  You can make their lives better by not only providing vital nutrition but hope and comfort in their time of need.  Your pie will provide one day’s meals for someone in need through the local nonprofit Food and Friends.
  • Order lines open in early October and sales end mid-November. Pies are available for pick-up on Tuesday before Thanksgiving from noon to 8 pm at a location near you.
  • Go to the Slice of Life Buy Pies Link and use the drop down menu to select one of the worthy organizations listed above.  .
  • Pass the word!

The 2016 Slice of Life Campaign was a rousing success.  Food and Friends sold 8,230 pies which include 1,795 pies sold by sellers from the Friendship Hospital Team.   These efforts have generated $59,630 of medical services available for shelter animals in the next year.  Thank you everyone for supporting this campaign.  We will be notifying you when the 2017 Campaign opens.