Spring Safety Tips for Cat Parents

By Kathleen Rodgers

We’ve set the clocks forward, turned another page on the calendar, and spring is here! The change in seasons brings many changes in our homes as well.

Spring breezes are so welcome after winter’s chill, but opening your windows could be dangerous for your cat. Be sure your windows have sturdy screens that fit snugly. Cats love fresh air too and can jump or fall out of windows without screens, and a cat can easily push out a screen that doesn’t fit tightly.  Also, don’t forget to check for any tears in the screen where kitty can start to work her way to freedom.

Spring also means the traditional deep house cleaning. Almost all cleaning products contain chemicals that are harmful to pets. Follow the directions on the label for use and proper storage.

Know the ingredients in your cleaners; eco-friendly products are usually free of ammonia, chlorine, bleach, paraben, and phosphates, so they’re safer for your cat, you, and the environment. Even if you’re using a “safer” product, keep your pets out of the room you are cleaning for maximum safety.

Use fragrance-free detergents and cleaners when you wash your pet’s towels and bedding to prevent skin irritation.

Are you planning a home improvement project this spring? Keep paint, mineral spirits and solvents safely away from your cat as they are toxic to pets. Also be careful of saws and blades, nails and staples or screws, and insulation.

Fresh flower arrangements are another spring luxury. Be aware of what flowers are in your arrangements. Many popular spring flowers are toxic to pets, such as lilies of any variety, ferns, tulips, azalea flowers and more.

The ingredients in fertilizers, insecticides and weed killers, are dangerous to your cat as well. Store these products in a safe place where your cat cannot investigate.

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