Stylish DC Cats Who Go Outdoors Need to Wear This Vibrant Collar Cover.

As a DC catsitter, there is nothing more distressing than Kitty bringing me a beautiful songbird as a gift. In fact, on our local neighborhood Discussion Board, a neighbor made an announcement that he was picking up any cat entering his yard to protect the songbirds and taking it to the Humane Society.

I suggest Birdsbesafe collars as a way to reduce a cat’s success in hunting birds.

This special collar has been scientifically validated to reduce birds being caught by 87% according to a 24-week study conducted by St. Lawrence University in New York. Their findings were published in the Global Ecology and Conservation Journal.

Mother Nature has designed birds to be able to see bright colors so the collar cover helps the bird realize there is danger in the area.

You can find out more information by visiting the Birdsbesafe website which also includes purchase information.

So, start your summer out right and gift an outdoor cat with a very fashionable collar cover.

Don’t forget to spread the word about this effective prevention tactic!