Tips for a Smooth Move With a Pet


  • Oxford’s pet parents arranged for their cats to stay elsewhere during the transition.

    Create a “Go-Bag” of two or three days of supplies such as food, treats, and bedding.
  • If you moving out-of-the-area, check-in with your vet office and make sure you have copies of all of your pet’s records and sufficient medications until you can establish a relationship with your new vet.
  • If your carriers are not out regularly, set them out with toys and something snuggly inside so they can start to see the carriers as a comfort zone.
  • Consider arranging for your pet to stay elsewhere doing this stressful time.


  • Transport the pet to your new location in your own vehicle if possible.
  • Use your travel carrier and/or keep animal leashed.


  • Use a pheromone plug-in like Feliway prior to moving your pet in both the old and new location to ease anxiety.
  • Lock pets in a secure room while getting settled.
  • Conduct a walk through to identify and remedy possible problem areas for kitty.
  • Check basement and garage for things like odd storage places where kitty can hide or antifreeze pools to remove.
  • Update microchip contact information.
  • Outfit kitty in a breakaway collar with new contact information – just in case.
  • Meet the neighbors and introduce yourself. Show them photos of your kitty.
  • Be aware of kitty’s needs and set-up some cat friendly areas.
  • Set-up at least one room before you move your pet so you have a safe and secure place to hang out while the rest of the oasis is being created.
  • Your pet may be more comfortable if you expand their space gradually.