Tips to Help an Animal Leave a Shelter Alive and Loved!

Xuxa in a Box

No matter how sick or old an animal may be, every one of them needs a home. So follow these 11 tips and help an animal leave a shelter alive and loved.

  • Adopt a pet. Who doesn’t want a furry friend by their side?
  • Help animals get adopted. You can design flyers or help a shelter develop an on-site or off-site animal adoption campaign.
  • Some animals are in shelters because they were lost and couldn’t find their way back home. Post “found your pet” flyers around the neighborhood so the owner and pet can be reunited.
  • Help the at-risk animals get transferred to another non-profit agency that can guarantee a home for all of the animals it receives.
  • Spread chip awareness. (No, not potato chips.) Start an awareness campaign to encourage the micro-chipping of dogs and cats.
  • Support your shelter’s foster-an-animal program. Foster if you can (it’s like babysitting!) or organize a drive to get suppliers for fosters.
  • Stop by or call your local shelter to see how you can volunteer.
  • Show off your creative skills by making a map of shelters. Share it with your neighbors so they know where to go when they’re searching for a lost pet or when they want to adopt.
  • Start a drive to get gas cards donated to your shelter’s transport program.
  • Spaying/neutering is super important. So get the word out and support no-or-low cost spay/neuter services in your area.
  • Promote identification tags for cats and dogs to wear ALL of the time.

– Thanks for the tips Do Something!