Top 15 Pet Health Records You Should Have Immediate Access To:

  1. Your Pet’s Full Name as it appears on the Vet’s records.
  2. Picture of your pet with you in the same photo. (you may need this during an emergency to reclaim your pet if you become separated.)
  3. Breed
  4. Age
  5. Weight
  6. Sex (spayed, neutered, intact)
  7. Microchip number and manufacturer
  8. Veterinarian contact information
  9. Emergency animal hospital information
  10. Medical conditions
  11. Medications (dosage and administration schedule)
  12. Vaccinations: Rabies, distemper, bortedella, etc., date, number and expiration
  13. Emergency contact information (other than you)
  14. Any other pertinent information for your pet (if your pet has medical issues, it would be useful to keep a copy of your pet’s records to take with you)
  15. Lost pet poster template.