World Pet Memorial Day is a time to remember all of the wonderful companion animals who have touched your life.

They may have been your own personal pet, a library cat at university, the neighbor dog running to greet you on a bad day, or a search dog that lost their life in the line of duty.

It is a time to reflect on how your precious pet touched your life.  They seemed to understand you sooo well that they were there in a heart beat to comfort you during rough times.  Are you smiling as you remember the thousands of hours of laughter and joy?   Those crazy little tricks or habits?

Pets are such a special part of our life.  Over the years, they have become more like family members.  The thinking and terminology has even started shifting from owners to pet parents as we come to redefine their role in our lives.

So, in the honor of your pets, you may want to take a few minutes to

–         Write a note or journal entry to your beloved pet that has passed

–         Visit a favorite place where you would hang out with your pet

–         Create a small memorial

–         Share a special memory or twenty about your pet with family or friend

–         Reach out to another who also lost a pet and let them know you remember  their loved one

–         Hold a moment of silence for the service dogs who have been lost in the line of duty

–         Donate to a shelter or trap-neuter-release program in your pet’s name

–         Dash off a quick note to their pet sitter, cat sitter or dog walker to thank them for their contribution to building a quality of life for your loved one

Finally, you may want to simply take a few minutes and watch this wonderful rendition of the Rainbow Bridge over on YouTube while thinking of the amazing animals who have crossed your path.