You Have Ten Minutes to Evacuate! Are You Really Ready?

This Benefit can help you prepare for an emergency while helping the Avondale House School for autistic children.

You suddenly need to leave your home with the possibility of never returning.  You have less than 30 minutes to literally be out of the house and walking or driving away.  If it is a house fire, you may have less than five minutes to secure your animals for travel, make sure all of the family is out of there, grab important things, and leave. ARE YOU READY???.

Normally, as a DC pet sitter, I would be talking about pets and their care. However, this time, I am going to be talking about preparing you, their pet parent, for an emergency or emergency evacuation.

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a number of dramatic stories of people needing to flee due to a horrific emergency – either a wildfire, flooding, or hurricane.  I honestly believe most of us think we will have time to prepare to leave our homes and figure out next steps.  We believe that we will be able to keep our wits about us.

Last week, during the wildfires in California, I heard a story of one of the winegrowers who was one of the first homes that had to flee.  They had to be out of there in less than an hour.  This means everything packed up, pets and their supplies gathered, medicines bagged, precious photos and keepsakes, as well as your key documents, gathered.  You are going to have to make sure all of your family knows where to meet if someone isn’t at home when disaster strikes.

It is imperative for all of us to sit down and create an emergency plan, compile our papers and medical history, as well as organize a Go Bag for every member of our family – including the pets.

Organize 365 had generously made two binders available to aid people in organizing their paperwork and medical histories for quick evacuation.  The package is $47 and all proceeds will go to the Avondale House School in Houston, Texas. This amazing school provided invaluable services to autistic children and their families.  Yes, not just the profits, but every single dime of the proceeds go to the school!

The financial and medical organizers are editable PDFs and are also printable, so you can either use them as an online organizer or print them and use them as a paper organizer – it is your choice.

You must use this link to order the products so the proceeds are collected for the school.

If you want to learn more concerning Organize 365, emergency preparedness, and the offer, you can visit their website.

With the holidays coming up, you may also want to order sets for other family members as gifts.

Please act now and stay safe!